Captive Art 1995-2009

The Falcon

This is the art that I did while in prison. It reflects my emotional state at the time. These art pieces express so much of my desire for change in the world and myself. Through this art I became transformed into the object of my desire and could, in a way, fly above my miserable circumstances.

I recently sold The Sleeping Lady for $300. On the following pages you can see each piece individually. Along with a brief description of the art, there is a price attached. However, if you really like the piece the price is always negotiable.

C lick on the links below to see individual art pages.

There were limited materials to draw on in jail and in prison. Being resourceful I would draw on whatever decent paper I found.  Sometimes these drawings were  created from the blank pages in the beginnings or endings of books. The miniature drawings of The Walnut and A Sunflower were done on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup paper inserts. 

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